Mistakes an agency tech recruiter can make in IT recruitment: top 10

Applying to tech recruitment agencies to get your vacancies filled is getting more and more popular. How not to scare all potential candidates and fill your job opening efficiently? Just avoid some basic mistakes. Are you ready? So here we go.

    1. Build an incompetent motivation strategy
Each candidate is unique and has their own goals and values, so don’t try to make an emphasis on the same things while presenting your job opening to different candidates. Try to imagine which factors you can use to get a particular jobseeker interested: ambitious tasks, innovative product or flexible working hours.
  • 2. Ignoring the stoplist
Almost every tech recruiter working at an IT & tech recruitment agency knows about the existence of a stoplist. Some companies have this thing: it's a so-called list with the name of companies where you can not headhunt candidates. What if you don’t pay attention to this? Well, you may lose your client and help them to make their relationship worse with the company you are hunting tech talents despite the agreements.
  • 3. Long waiting for providing candidates with a feedback
It’s better not to make job seekers wait for your answer for several days and approve the next selection stages for months.
  • 4. Low level of stress tolerance
Tech recruitment means human factor, so be ready that you may have some disagreements with clients or candidates can act in an impolite manner In recruitment. Just keep calm and don’t take everything too personal.
  • 5. Irrelevant profiles suggested to candidates
So maybe almost every game analyst is looking forward to becoming an Android developer but still try to provide candidates with relevant job openings.
  • 6. Absence of up-to-date information
Before contacting a potential job seeker, check whether your vacancy doesn’t have any outdated information. Conditions, salaries and bonuses must be up-to-date. In case the client changes something make sure you inform candidates about the current changes promptly, otherwise there is a high risk of unpleasant surprises.
  • 7. Job openings from the client whose HR brand has disreputation
Have any inappropriate incidents involving your customer’s company occurred recently? Be ready to face candidates' objections when contacting them about job openings. To avoid this, always check reviews about the company and various job boards.
  • 8. Ignoring the features of regional search
Always pay attention to differences in mentality, culture and communication in different countries. For instance, candidates from Western Europe and CIS prefer communication in messangers (Telegram usually) while job seekers from Western Europe, UK and USA, as a rule, communicate on LinkedIn, so your suggestion to continue a dialogue in messenger right after your communication starts can be considered as violating personal borders.
  • 9. Not establishing personal contact with the candidate
Make sure you keep in touch with candidates, answer all their questions and guide them carefully through the hiring process.
  • 10. Low level of the soft skills
Flexibility, conflict management, developed negotiation skills and problem solving play a vital role in IT recruitment, so pay attention to them if you want to make a good career in this field.

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