IT & technical recruitment agency Lucky Hunter: tools and services our tech recruiters use every day

If you think of possible tools that an average technical recruiter can use every day, your first clue may be LinkedIn. Well, we can’t say you are wrong because IT recruiters certainly do use LinkedIn in their work.

The thing is that there is a wider range of services and tools they also use regularly. So today you have a unique chance to learn more about what is going on in an IT recruitment agency.

Finding tech talents

  • AmazingHiring
    A well-known international service for recruiters. The biggest advantage is that there are many CVs of candidates from all over the world available. If you need to perform global technical recruitment, be sure to check AmazingHiring.
    A good service for finding tech talents in Eastern Europe. Candidates’ resumes mostly belong to these geos, so it’s a perfect option if you need to fill such a job opening.


  • MixMax
    It’s a browser extension (for example, for Google Chrome and others) that you can use if you need to get an answer from the recipient and make sure they read your emails. The tool is necessary because very often your email can go into spam and you will never know about this — MixMax pulls your letters out of the spam. Don’t forget about this extension to minimize your risks!
  • Grammarly
    If you work globally and communicate in English a lot, using Grammarly is vital for you. This tool checks your text (email, blog post, and any other piece of text), corrects your mistakes, and gives you advice on stylistics.
  • Bitly
    If you need to shorten your link, then you need Bitly! As a rule, short links look user-friendlier than large ones: for example, when you write a post for your social media accounts.


  • Google Meets
    Google service which gives you a chance to hold meetings (including video) in your browser. No need to download anything — just create a meeting in your Google Calendar and choose this option to add such a meeting. All guests will receive an invitation with a link to the meeting.
  • Zoom
    Another well-known service for audio and video calls. If you want to add a Zoom meeting to your Google invitation, create your meeting in Zoom and copy its link to Google — for example, you can paste it in the meeting description. However, keep in mind that the free Zoom version has only 40 minutes for every session and if you need to spend more time or add more participants, you will need to buy premium access.


  • Trello
    A board for managing projects: you can add users to your workspace, create cards with tasks and set different categories for each of them. It’s vital if you work with your team (for example, a lead recruiter, a junior recruiter, and an IT sourcing specialist) and need to sync all your work processes.
  • Jira
    Another tool you can use for project management.
  • Notion
    ...And another service to manage projects, which we also consider to be a must-have :) You can create various boards, knowledge databases, notes, and graphics.

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