How we work: Insights into IT Recruitment Workflow — Acquaintance and Vacancy Discussions

Recently, we provided an overview of the general processes involved in the operation of IT recruitment agencies. Today, we are excited to present a series of articles that will delve into the specifics of our agency's workflow.

In this initial article, we start from the very beginning – the stage of acquaintance.


In 99% of cases, we receive requests through our website form from companies, and often on the same day, we schedule an initial call with the client.

Typically, an initial call lasts for 10-15 minutes. During this time, we gather information about the client's company specifics and the project, understand the type of specialists the client seeks and introduce ourselves.
This initial communication is crucial as it indicates whether a productive collaboration is likely or whether the client might find a better fit with another agency.

These points provide a better perspective on collaboration:

  • Alignment of candidate requirements with working conditions
    When a client is searching for a top-level candidate but provides conditions that don't align with current market trends, we offer insights into industry dynamics. It can enhance their understanding of available possibilities and provide tips on effective hiring practices.
P.S. We live in the real world, and jokes about magic in our office are still just jokes :)
If the client considers our recommendations and revises some (usually non-critical) conditions, we are pleased to proceed with further discussions and schedule a second, more detailed call.
  • The company profile
    We prefer to work with IT companies from all over the world and of different sizes. We can have a great collaboration with startups and big corporations. Nevertheless, we maintain a list of organisations with which we are likely to decline cooperation.

    These include companies involved in illegal activities such as gambling and adult content, startups lacking unique features, and companies with a tarnished reputation.
  • Company spirit
    We emphasise productive, long-term collaboration built on a partnership principle, recognising that it thrives in a comfortable atmosphere. Our attention extends beyond figures and facts to the construction of dialogue with the client.
Our spirit encompasses qualities such as adequacy, partnership, mutual support, a shared understanding that we are working collaboratively, and of course, the pursuit of a common goal: the successful and effective filling of vacancies.
  • Lucky Hunter Terms
    The pricing depends on the service, vacancy specifics and the size of the company. In some cases, we might take a prepayment. So, it is best to fill out the form and discuss the particularities of your case with us.

    Occasionally, companies find our services expensive and request a revision of our cooperation terms. While we are committed to delivering a high-quality service, assuming all risks, and striving to ensure a positive collaboration experience, we may be hesitant to reduce costs. It sometimes might prevent us from progressing to the contract signing stage.
Moreover, given our passion for collaborating with startups and our belief in the transformative potential of innovative projects, we offer discounts to young companies.

The vacancy discussion and signing the contract

During the second call, we delve deeper into the details of the position, posing specific questions. Together with the client, we:
Determine a candidate profile
Review the selection stages
In the current landscape, excluding the test assignment from the selection stages is crucial. Many IT specialists are likely to decline job offers that include such assignments. Recognising these market dynamics, Lucky Hunter is inclined to decline cooperation with clients who insist on this stage in their requirements.
Identify "must-have" requirements and distinguish those that can be adjusted to secure the hiring of a qualified candidate.
P.S. Trust us, perfect candidates are rare, and in our experience, even those seemingly "ideal" candidates seldom possess 100% of the skills listed in the company's requirements.
Determine the client's daily capacity for reviewing CVs, as timely action is crucial in hiring.
Establish the most convenient communication channels for the client to interact with us.
While we are flexible across various platforms, common channels include Slack, Telegram, Zoom, and even Skype :)
Once we agree upon the collaboration details, we proceed to sign the contract and initiate the search.

The initial stage of interaction is a crucial step in our process. It enables us to assess compatibility, establish effective communication practices, and outline the specific criteria for identifying the ideal tech specialists from the extensive pool of potential candidates.

IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter has offices in four cities worldwide: Dubai, London, Astana and Yerevan. Trust us to handle your international recruitment: we will find any IT professional anywhere in the world. Learn more about our geography.

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