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The first online purchase with a credit card as a payment method in world history took place in the USA in 1994 when a man ordered on Amazon a new album by his favorite singer.

Sometime later this got the name e-commerce. Today e-commerce is one of the most developing fields and this tendency seems to stay with us even later. So let’s see some curious facts about the industry and see which jobs are most in demand in it.

What is e-commerce?

In simple words, it is the purchase and sale of goods and services online. These sales are not necessarily only for the B2C segment (i.g. a shop sells something to a customer) but B2B as well when a business sells its services to other businesses — for example, some cloud solutions.
However, e-commerce doesn’t end only with these two variants, so there can be cases when individuals sell goods to businesses (C2B) or buying and selling goods take place between two customers (C2C).
The growth of the e-commerce field is quick: more and more businesses go online to stay competitive in the market, attract new clients and keep loyal ones. Why? Nowadays clients want everything to be as simple and efficient as possible: that is why it’s much better for them to have a chance to order something online and spend a second instead of several hours on offline shopping.

The leaders in e-commerce by countries

eMarketer shares a graph according to which in 2021 China became the leader in this industry while the USA and the UK took the 2nd and 3d places.
Which company is the king of e-commerce? Well, if your first thought was of Aliexpress or something like this, we have to disappoint you: it’s not true. Remember the company which we talked about at the beginning of the article — yes, it’s Amazon because it has the biggest profit in global e-commerce.

Nevertheless, you were at some point right when you thought of Aliexpress. It belongs to Alibaba and this Chinese company is very close to Amazon in profits. Such companies as eBay and Groupon are also included in the list, so you can follow the link and find out what other familiar businesses you can see there.

IT recruitment for E-commerce

As we have already mentioned, the field is developing rapidly, and more and more companies appear on the global market, so businesses need to expand their teams and look for new tech talents. Here is the list of IT jobs in e-commerce that are in demand right now:
  • C++ developer;
  • Front-End;
  • Full-stack;
  • Java;
  • QA;
  • DevOps;
  • .NET
Don’t think the field needs only technical talents. Managers and professionals of various profiles are also required in e-commerce. For instance:
  • UX/UI designer;
  • Project Manager;
  • Business Analyst;
  • Product Manager;
  • Head of E-com;
  • E-commerce Director
However, tech recruitment in e-commerce has some specifics and you can surely learn more about it by reading one of our cases when we found two senior .NET developers for a client from the USA.

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