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IT staff recruitment: how to find a senior Java developer for an international company in 4 days?

We often say that IT recruiting loves speed, and recently we had another chance to how it works — our lead IT recruiter Valerie filled an urgent job opening for an international company in a very short time: she managed to find a senior Java developer in just 4 days.

How did we manage to do it and what was the secret of success? To find the answers, please read the case below :)

The task and difficulties

Recently, one of our regular clients asked to find an experienced Java developer — the job opening was urgent, a specialist was needed almost "yesterday". The company made complex technical products (for example, security services, kernel development etc.) and expanded the team.

In addition to the deadlines, the position also had a number of important requirements:
  • 1
    The candidate had to be ready to relocate to Montenegro — due to the tensive global situation, the company urgently opened offices in some European countries;
  • 2
    Moreover, due to the fact that the employee was urgently needed, he had to make a decision about moving literally within a couple of days and then relocate to Montenegro promptly;
  • 3
    Huge professional experience in Java development was a must. Also, good English skills would be a strong advantage.

How we filled the vacancy?

Despite the fact that potential candidates, in case of receiving a job offer, had to move as quickly as possible, in general the client offered conditions relevant to the current market realities: a good relocation package, nice bonuses, work on useful high-tech products in an international company that has gained a decent reputation on the world tech market.

Lastminute vacancies do not frighten us, in addition, Valerie is one of the Lucky Hunter's record holders for filling job openings in a shortest time — so we promptly discussed the position with the client and started searching. The client, in order to increase the efficiency of the recruitment processes, simplified the selection stages as much as possible, and left only a technical interview.
We mainly used our own database of candidates ready for relocation.
The candidate to whom the client made a job offer was found in our database: he had an impressive professional background, including work in large international IT companies. In addition, he was aimed at relocation and could move in the very near future. The client really liked the candidate and the cooperation began productively.

Realizing that the candidate has a lot of questions about the legal side of moving to Montenegro (for example, the principle of the taxation system, getting a work permit, etc.), the customer was in touch with him as much as possible — sometimes it was difficult to give a specific answer, since the client had just started opening an office in this country and building many legal business processes from scratch, facing various moments which weren't very obvious.

Nevertheless, the company was interested in cooperation with the candidate and organized all processes as transparently as possible — if the search for an answer to any request of the candidate required time, the client clarified the information and necessarily returned to the specialist with an answer.
The company also tried to organize the relocation process as comfortable as possible: the candidate got a relocation bonus — a fixed amount in dollars, which he could spend for all costs associated with the move. For example, the bonus covered tickets for the candidate and his family and also apartment rent.
The IT specialist successfully moved with his family to Montenegro and has already joined the company.


In total, we processed over 33 CVs of specialists, sent 32 letters and conducted interviews with 7 candidates, to one of which the customer made an offer.

Key Success Factors

  • Speed
    Realizing that it was necessary to act quickly, Valerie threw all her efforts into finding suitable candidates — thanks to this, we managed to find highly-qualified IT specialists who were interested in job openings with relocation. Moreover, they were motivated for the quick start of cooperation;
  • The principle of partnership
    The client and us understood that we were pursuing a common goal — a quick and efficient hiring of an IT specialist of the right profile. Well-coordinated work and readiness of both sides for dialogue allowed to fill the vacancy in 4 days. The client conveniently organized the selection processes, reducing many stages, which made it possible to retain the interest of candidates and interact with them as quickly as possible;
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    Valerie, competently made a portrait of the necessary candidate and formed the necessary motivation strategy.
Are you opening a new office and need an IT specialist who will be able to quickly relocate and start working at your company in the near future? The Lucky Hunter recruiters will help you fill any urgent job opening, hire software developers and find an IT talent for you.

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