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How to recruit three Ruby developers for an IT company in a short time?

Ruby developers, like many IT professionals, are in high demand. According to the annual Stack Overflow report, Ruby ranks 16th among popular programming languages, and Ruby developers consistently rank in the top 10 highest-paid IT specialists globally.

Recruiting such specialists for a company can be challenging, especially when the working conditions are on par with or even less attractive than competitors' offerings. However, at Lucky Hunter, we believe there are no impossible recruiting tasks, and today, we are going to tell you how our recruiter Valeriya successfully filled Ruby developer job openings.
The Lucky Hunter technical recruiter Valeriya explains: how we managed to do it, and what the key to success was.

Task and difficulties

An IT company approached our agency, seeking to fill three positions for Ruby developers. The client presented a unique challenge: the requirement was to find three mid-level specialists. The primary challenge stemmed from specific working conditions:
  • 1
    The company's policy did not support remote work, a preferred working arrangement among many developers.
  • 2
    The offered salary fell below the market average, making it challenging to compensate for the lack of remote work benefits through higher pay.
  • 3
    All interviews were conducted by the team leader, who had a busy schedule and couldn't always accommodate immediate interviews. Candidates had to wait longer for the interviews, and some started to explore other job offers.

How we completed the task

It was evident that we were facing a tough challenge. But our persistence, deep understanding of the IT field, and knowledge of IT recruiting tactics allowed us to overcome obstacles. To successfully fill these positions, we did several steps:
  • 1
    We prioritised nonresident specialists
    The client was open to considering candidates from other cities, and we made the most of this opportunity. Relocation is an appealing prospect for IT professionals, offering a fresh and unique experience.
  • 2
    We focused our search on young professionals
    We highlighted the customer's company as one that creates a valuable, scalable product. Many young professionals are interested in contributing to dynamic, technology-driven projects.
  • 3
    We expanded our recruitment efforts by utilising additional channels
    We extended our search beyond Telegram, LinkedIn, and HeadHunter, actively using the Amazing Hiring service, our internal candidate database, and various popular social media platforms.
To fill these positions, we conducted a thorough review of over 400 candidate CVs and held 30 interviews with potential candidates, resulting in offers extended to seven of them. The customer successfully onboarded three of these candidates: all three originated from different recruitment channels and relocated from other cities. The success in achieving this outcome is due to Lucky Hunter's recruitment strategies and our proficiency in identifying the priorities of IT specialists.

Key success factors

  • Partnership
    The customer heeded our advice and approached the job opening with flexibility. They considered a diverse range of specialists, from mid-level developers to senior specialists, offered relocation support, and were willing to accommodate candidates' transition periods and document collection. Furthermore, the company covered the cost of travel tickets, demonstrating a commitment to securing the right talent for the role.
  • There was no test assignment
    The client streamlined the hiring process by conducting just one selection stage which simplified our efforts. Many candidates hesitate to invest time in completing assignments, particularly when unpaid, so this approach proved advantageous. Furthermore, the customer extended an offer immediately following the interview, allowing us to swiftly onboard talented individuals.
  • The Lucky Hunter expertise
    We have a knack for piquing a specialist's interest in a position, even when the working conditions don't offer substantial advantages. In our case, the enticing factors included working in a dynamic tech company with stimulating tasks, access to VHI (a compelling motivator for some specialists), and the potential for rapid career advancement.

Do you have a challenging job opening or require a quick solution to find tech talent? Look no further – contact Lucky Hunter experts. We guarantee to provide you with the first qualified candidates within just four working days after our initial discussion of the job opening!

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