IT recruitment: top tips on remote tech recruitment

To do IT recruitment remotely and hire tech talents — how can I do this? Don’t worry, we will guide you through all the steps in our new article. Let’s start with discussing the key stages in remote technical recruitment and its specifics. In general, some steps can vary but IT recruitment agencies have some common strategies.

  • First call
During online meeting, the representatives of the agency will ask you more about the positions you have to fill, your business in general, and your key objectives to make sure they will be able to find candidates who meet all your requirements perfectly.
  • Creating a search strategy
At this stage, the tech recruitment agency will create a portrait for the candidate needed, including the skillset required, experience, soft skills, technology stack, and other important details. Why does it matter?
The better the tech recruiter understands your requirements and needs, the quicker they will do remote IT recruitment and provide you with the relevant tech talents. As soon as you approve the created portrait, the next step begins.
  • Initial interviews
CV screening and all interviews — everything is in an online format. At first, tech recruiters do resume screening to select candidates with the experience and profile needed. Once they are found, an initial interview takes place, also in a video call format. IT recruiters pay attention not just to the candidate's replies, but to their body language as well.

Video meetings give a great chance to create the atmosphere of a usual offline job interview: a tech recruiter establishes eye contact, tells candidates about the job opening, and discusses their previous experience.

However, keep in mind some key features relevant to the tech hiring market: i.g., in some regions it’s rather competitive (in Eastern Europe, for example), so some candidates may have not up-to-date information in their CVs because they still get many invitations to interviews.

Also, try to focus not just on the candidate’s background, but pay attention to the projects they have worked on: as a rule, in the tech industry, the portfolio of cases the candidate has worked on sometimes can be more significant than a particular experience.
  • Final interviews and job offers
When you are done with the initial selection, the recruiters from the IT & tech recruitment agency can help you to arrange further meetings with finalists and form a competitive job offer.
  • Remote onboarding process
In case you need any help on pre-onboarding steps (for example, ordering a laptop for a new hire in another country, etc.), the IT staffing agency will guide you through this process as well.

Integrating into a team is especially important for remote workers because a sense of belonging plays a vital role in comfortable adaptation to a new company. That is why the majority of companies regularly hold video meetings, including informal ones when new hires can discuss similar hobbies with their colleagues or just get to know each other better. Various tools for comfortable onboarding also matter: from the checklists to the internal database with all necessary resources and information about the company.

If you have some questions, the tech recruitment agency will assist you in the onboarding processes and help you make your hiring more efficient.

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