Part-time or full-time employment? The tech recruitment agency Lucky Hunter has found the answers

Our IT recruitment agency helps you to understand the basic differences between these two types of employment and find out what fits your needs best of all.

Technical recruitment for part-time

Nowadays the majority of tech talents are ready to discuss the chance of increasing their income and taking some part-time jobs in addition to their current full-time employment. The situation was different just a couple of months ago, so now IT companies have a great chance to find tech talents for part-time and fill the job openings promptly with experienced candidates whom recently it has been very difficult to find for full-time.

Moreover, sometimes tech companies want to expand the team but there aren’t many tasks for a full-time employee. Especially often such situations take place when the employment is project-based or a professional needs only for the duration of a specific project. What can you do? Firstly, see how much work you have and how many working hours per day will be enough to complete the tasks: there isn’t any standard for how much a part-time employee must work, everything depends on your business needs and an employee’s opportunities, — for example, this year we have filled the job opening for an American company who needed a frontend developer for 20 working hours per week.

What are the most important points while looking for an IT talent for part-time? Let’s start with the documents. You need to understand the way you will start your cooperation with an employee: usually, a company and a candidate sign a civil law contract that requires a candidate to pay taxes by themselves, that’s why the majority of them register as self-employed or individual entrepreneurs.
To help candidates gain interest in your job openings, IT recruiters create a competent motivation strategy that helps to build productive communication. A competent CV matters not everything, so tech recruiters focus on a candidate's soft skills as well, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and find out if their skillset matches your vacancy.
Moreover, the work of an IT recruitment agency does not finish with sending relevant candidates to an in-house recruitment department: tech recruiters from the agency guide job seekers from the very beginning to the end of the funnel. They also help you conduct final interviews with finalists, form a competitive job offer, and provide candidates with feedback.

In case you need some help with the optimization of your recruitment processes, the tech recruitment agency will also be able to identify existing bottlenecks in your hiring stages. What bottles can we name? For instance, a test assignment, the absence of prompt feedback, or too many selection stages.

Sometimes the clients need to hire a unicorn: a tech talent of a very rare profile almost nobody has seen but everyone talks about. This can be a candidate with outstanding experience or a unique technology stack.

One of the key advantages of an IT & tech recruiting agency is that they usually have a database of IT talents, including professionals of rare occupations. Moreover, they have vast experience in working with complex requests.

There are some details you need to know about this way:
  • As we have already mentioned, all taxes are paid by the employee;
  • Working under the terms of a civil law contract, the company can stop cooperation with the contractor at once without providing any compensation;
  • A civil law contract does not include the registration of a decree, sick leaves, or vacations.

IT recruitment for full-time

Full-time means working 8 hours per day. In case you have a wide range of tasks that need to be solved in a position and you need the employee regularly, it’s better to hire an IT talent full-time.

Do any important nuances exist here as well? Sure:
  • It can be more complicated to fill the job opening with a full-time employee, especially if you need a senior professional.
    It stands to reason, the situation can differ from geo to geo but still, there are some regions (CIS or Western Europe) where competition between employers for each candidate is high;
  • You can start your cooperation also under civil law contract regulations or by using the Labour Code.
    However, you need to be aware of possible risks that can take place in case you choose Labour Code: i.g. breaking off the employment relations can be much more difficult, even with specific violations by a specialist: as an employer, you need to undergo several procedures and provide evidence of the employee's failure to fulfill their duties.
As you can see, no scenario will be universal: both forms of employment have their advantages and disadvantages, which both sides should consider. So take this step slowly and carefully analyze the needs of your business and you will see if you need to hire a candidate for part-time or full-time.

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