IT recruitment solutions: key stages of tech staff recruitment

In case you have never contacted any IT recruitment agency before, you may have many questions about the entire process. How can you discuss your job opening with the tech recruitment agency? How long does the search take? What should you expect? You don’t need to worry — today we will guide you through all the stages.

Nevertheless, be ready — IT recruiting is very unpredictable. This is one of its key features, which can only be understood, forgiven and accepted. Sometimes different situations can take place — for example, a candidate rejected a job offer at the last moment. If this happens, then the recruiting cycle starts from the beginning and the stages are repeated.

Contacting an IT recruitment agency: stages of tech recruitment

  • Establishing the first contact
Usually, when you contact a tech recruitment agency, they suggest making a video call for both of you to get to know each other better, discuss your job openings and find out how comfortable working together could be.

During the meeting you and the IT staffing agency will have a chance to see if you have similar points of view on various processes. You need to provide the agency about the positions you have, selection stages and conditions you offer to candidates.
  • Search for tech talents: IT recruitment solutions
In general, IT recruitment agencies do their best to provide you with the best candidates in the shortest time possible.
For example, our tech recruitment agency Lucky Hunter sends you CVs of the first relevant candidates just in 4 working days.
At this stage, tech recruiters start searching for suitable candidates who would meet all your key requirements and expectations. For more efficient search an IT recruitment agency uses:
  • their own database;
  • various tools (for example, AmazingHiring etc.);
  • channels and online resources.
IT recruiters also do a namecheck during which they send the candidate’s data to the company’s inhouse recruitment department to find out whether the specific job seeker had any communication with the company’s recruiters before, or the agency can proceed with them further.

If namecheck is passed successfully, the agency’s recruiters hold the initial interviews and provide you with the feedback on each candidate.
  • Interviews with finalists
At that moment the tech recruiting agency coordinates interviews with the finalists and helps you form a strong competitive job offer that will influence the candidates' decision-making.

It stands to reason that you choose the candidate who, in your opinion, will make a perfect match with you. However, also the candidate makes a decision, accepting or rejecting your job offer, so it is vital that both of you want the same thing.
  • To hire tech staff efficiently: a job offer
Everything becomes clear at this step: like we said, tech recruiting is rather unpredictable. For example, the candidate can refuse your job offer — in this case, the IT recruitment agency studies the reasons carefully with you to find out how you can change the motivation or search strategy and which nuances can be corrected to achieve the desirable result.

If such a situation occurs, the recruiting cycle starts all over again from the particular stage. The main thing is not to give up! Your perfect candidate is looking for you too, and our tech recruitment agency will do our best for both of you to meet each other as soon as possible.

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