IT professionals around the world: key differences in salary ranges

While in the CIS and Eastern European countries IT industry stays one the most highly paid fields, the situation is a bit different in other countries. So let’s find the answer together today: how much do software developers get paid around the world?

Eastern Europe

There was a moment when senior tech professionals got an average salary of about 500 thousand rubles. Why did it happen? Because of the shortage of personnel due to which tech companies had to “lure” IT talents from each other by offering candidates bigger salaries — this situation stayed the same until February 24th. Moreover, don’t forget about high marginality in the IT field in the CIS that also had a certain impact on salary.

That is why many people in Eastern Europe, while thinking of a typical tech professional, imagine young rich people with Apple laptops working from Bali :)

Nevertheless, it may surprise you but the situation in other countries isn’t similar. It stands to reason, we will have some problems to tell you about each country in one article, so let’s start with two which are the UK and the USA.

Great Britain

Indeed job search service tells us that the average annual salary of a senior Java developer is 76,262£.

What about other fields? As you can also find on the Indeed website, the average annual salary of an experienced dentist in the UK is 76,338£, while a partner in a law firm gets 65 602£ per year, and a psychiatrist gets around 89 511£.


According to Indeed again, in the USA, the average annual salary of the same senior Java developer is 125 560$. Meanwhile, psychiatrist gets 235,156$ per year, the average annual salary of an American pediatrician is 115,076$, and a senior architect gets paid around 116 740$ per year.

Indeed carried out a survey among its users: the results proved that the IT industry is not paid much more than other fields like product, sales or communications.
Interesting, isn't it? The reason is that differences in salary wages lie in different economies of the countries and cost of living. So the IT field is not above all the industries in many countries but rather keeps the golden middle together with other fields.

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