Recruiting IT Professionals: How We Secured three QA Engineers for a Tech Company in Just One Month

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Imagine the scenario: you're part of a thriving American IT company, witnessing exponential growth and opening new offices. Your website attracts over 10 million visitors each month, and the need for not one but three seasoned QA engineers for your team becomes evident. Realising the challenge of assembling a skilled IT team within a tight timeframe, you decide to trust the expertise of a specialised IT recruitment agency.

In this article, we share the details of the successful case of filling the QA engineer positions.

IT Recruitment: The task

The client's requirements were the following:
  • 1
    Build a QA team from scratch, including three to four Middle+ manual QA testers along with a Senior QA who would also assume leadership responsibilities.
  • 2
    The positions would require office-based work.
  • 3
    The salary offered was slightly below the industry average.
  • 4
    Candidates were expected to favour smaller companies over large corporations and lacked extensive experience in globally renowned organisations.
  • 5
    Candidates had to have at least two years of experience in their previous roles.

Technical recruitment: The challenge

In addition to the intricate job specifications, this case presented several challenges:
  • 1
    The client couldn't offer prospects of transitioning to test automation, a key incentive for most Senior-level QA engineers.
  • 2
    Despite the absence of remote work, the client didn’t offer relocation packages.
We believe there are no recruitment challenges that the Lucky Hunter team can’t overcome. So we started our search and successfully filled all positions within a month.

How did we fill the vacancies?

To begin, we created a candidate’s profile – we didn’t just look for QA engineers with specific skills but individuals who favoured smaller startups over corporate giants, loved stability and weren't frequent job-hoppers.

We highlighted the company's most appealing features, including:
  • A high-load project.
  • Opportunities to work on the international market.
  • Young team.
Rather than perceiving the lack of remote work as a drawback, we emphasised the multiple benefits of the office environment, promoting comfortable and efficient work. We also recognised that the project could compensate for a slightly lower salary range. It wasn't just about the company – it was about showcasing the project's strengths, demonstrating user-friendliness, and underscoring the engaging and unconventional tasks that awaited prospective employees.

As a result, QA engineers rapidly applied for the job openings created by our team.

Where did we search for candidates?

To ensure we didn't miss any suitable candidates, we used every available recruitment channel, including LinkedIn, Facebook, specialised job boards, our candidate database, and IT recruitment services. The primary channel that assisted us in successfully filling the positions was Telegram, a popular platform for developer networking and job searching.

Summing It up

In our quest to hire software developers, we reviewed over 300 CVs, sent over 160 emails, and conducted 66 interviews. Five candidates who passed our initial selection process received job offers, with three accepting the positions. These three candidates have been valuable assets to our client for several years.

Despite the client's initial reluctance to consider candidates from different cities, we expanded our search and eventually found a fitting candidate. The client was so impressed with this candidate that we motivated the developer to accept the job offer and move, even without a relocation package.
In just one month, we successfully secured two Mid-level QA specialists and one Senior-level QA engineer with team leadership capabilities for our client's team.

The Key To Success

  • No test assignment
    Understanding the market dynamics, our client chose to hire specialists without requiring test assignments. With only two selection stages, we expedited the candidate assessment process and enabled prompt feedback from the client.
  • Flexible approach to decision-making
    Recognising the importance of adaptability in dealing with people, we adjusted the client's requirements slightly to identify the perfect specialist. This approach ensured that the candidate found an excellent job in the city of their dreams.
  • The Lucky Hunter Expertise
    Our partnership approach, adaptability, and speedy staff selection are the defining characteristics of Lucky Hunter. We excel at filling even the most challenging positions in a matter of days.

So, if you are looking for IT talent for your team, you know who to contact. ;) Our IT recruitment agency will find an ideal candidate for your team in no time. Fill out the form, and we will get back to you soon!

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