Tech talents search via LinkedIn: top 7 tips from the IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter

LinkedIn is probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of a talent search. It is understandable: this network was created for developing your networking and making new business friends, and also for finding new potential colleagues.

That is why Linkedin is a good and efficient tool for technical recruiters nowadays: they use its recruiting services to find tech talents. How can you do this efficiently? Learn 7 tips from our new article!

Limit the number of new contacts per day
Although you can use LinkedIn's premium service for recruiters that allows you to add more users and has more expanded functionality compared to the basic plan, you still need to be careful: adding too many new connections can lead to blocking your account for some time. So stay attentive and don’t relax even if you are using LinkedIn premium!
Create job openings on LinkedIn
LinkedIn gives you a chance to post your vacancies and allows candidates to apply via this website as well. It’s very convenient for them because they do not need to switch to another site to apply for your position.
Consider candidates who are in a passive job search as well
Firstly, many tech talents just forget to mark that they are open to work. Secondly, if a candidate doesn’t consider changing jobs, you can still suggest starting a dialogue and trying to get them interested in your job opening.
Find useful LinkedIn groups and pages
There is a wide range of recruitment public pages and groups on LinkedIn where you can post your job opening. Use it!
Be careful with InMail
LinkedIn informs you that it is strictly prohibited to use InMail for mass mailing, marketing campaigns, or invitations to any events. How can you solve this problem? Just be attentive and wait for the candidate to add you first and only after this start a dialogue. You can have a template for the first message if you mail too many candidates per day but still try to change the text a bit and adjust it for every person.
Inform your connections about job openings on your page
Usually, technical recruiters have 500+ connections, so the audience is very large, so your post definitely won’t stay without attention! Update your page every day and be sure to post your vacancies!
Find extensions for LinkedIn
What can it be? For example, your CRM extension. If the candidate is ready to continue a dialogue and permits you to gather their data like email and so on, you can add them directly from LinkedIn to the CRM you lead candidates.

LinkedIn is waiting for you — now it’s time to start recruiting!

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