IT recruitment: how we found a Senior Golang Developer from South Korea for a British startup in 10 days

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Task and difficulties

Four weeks ago we were contacted by a British startup that needed to find a senior Golang developer. The vacancy was urgent because the talent needed had to start working in a couple of weeks and relocate to London in a month. Golang developers are in a high demand nowadays because Golang stays one of the most popular programming language, nevertheless, some key points narrowed the circle of potential candidates:
  • 1
    The tech talent needed to show a rich professional background;
  • 2
    The professional also was required to have at least a B2 level (CEFR);
  • 3
    Taking into account that urgent relocation was required, a candidate had to start their work promptly;
  • 4
    The client wasn’t ready to consider tech talents from unstable regions like Russia or Belarus due to difficulties with payments and organizational issues;
  • 5
    It was a startup and tech professionals are not very positive about working in startups because they usually think it can be quite risky, especially now, when the world faces up a new global crisis.

How we've solved the task

Despite the difficulties, the client offered market conditions like competitive salary, assistance in relocation (traveling expenses compensation, etc.), and options. So we started looking for tech talents.
To find potential candidates, we used LinkedIn, Amazing Hiring, and our database consisting of highly motivated and skilled technical talents from various countries — it is very important for a global IT recruitment agency.
Right in our database we found candidates who agreed to take part in the selection. The client liked one of them and made him an offer which the candidate accepted.

The selection process included 2 steps: the first one was an initial interview with our IT recruiter and the second one was the technical interview with the CTO and the founder. While developing a search and motivation strategy, we focused on key advantages of the project: an innovative idea, a chance to gain experience on an international project, and the ambitious tasks. Some candidates were a bit concerned at first because of the unstable times in the world economy which, in their opinion, can affect the startups.

However, our tech recruiters have a deep knowledge of the IT hiring market and its key tendencies, that was why we could debunk all the myths and prove from our own experience that startups today are more likely to survive the global crisis than large corporations because it’s easier for small projects to change strategy and meet the new reality. Moreover, one of the most vital facts for many candidates was that the startup survived the initial stages and now was actively developing at the next level.
After the initial interview, 5 candidates were invited to the next stage of selection, two of them got job offers, and one offer was accepted.
The candidate we found lived in Seoul, and had a vast professional background and a perfect understanding of all the important processes. He also had a rich experience with the market important for our client. Moreover, the candidate graduated from a university in England and had C1 level of English proficiency.

The client liked the specialist so much that agreed to wait for him a bit longer to start: the candidate had to finish all his tasks at the current job, so he started working part-time, and, 4 weeks later, was ready to start full-time.

The key success factors

  • Large database of international candidates
    We are a global IT recruitment agency, so we work all over the world and have candidates from different countries. It gives us a chance to find tech talents for you in any city and country.
  • The principle of partnership
    The client was ready to listen to our recommendations and look for possible solutions together. Also, he quickly provides us with the feedback about each candidate and was ready to move with the selection promptly.
  • Lucky Hunter's professionalism
    We created the right search and motivation strategy to fill the job opening in the shortest time possible. Also we held a relocation consultation for the CEO to help him to focus on the important points in relocating his new hire, so he was able to relocate a candidate to the UK quickly because we discussed all basic pitfalls and difficulties.

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