Global tech recruitment: key principles of the tech & IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter

Seasons may change but there is still one question that remains relevant for our clients: what is our geography of search? However, the answer is quite simple: we work all over the world, and today we will guide you through the key points of our global IT recruitment.

Tech recruiting knows no limits

As you know, talent knows no boundaries, so we focus on global IT recruitment to erase any borders for finding the best tech talent for our customers. That is why we work online and provide you with our tech recruitment solutions in any region you need. We certainly do have offline offices in Dubai, London, Yerevan, and Astana, nevertheless, we prefer remote recruiting.
This gives us a unique chance to find highly-qualified tech talents without narrowing the geography of the search: remote is one of the timeless classics in the IT industry, so searching for software developers in various countries allows you to attract more potential candidates and make your recruiting processes much more efficient.

International IT recruitment solutions

Our cooperation starts with receiving your request: we arrange a quick video call to get acquainted and collect necessary information about who you are and what your business does, what key goals and objectives you have, and which job openings you would like us to work on.

During the call, we always ask you which countries are the main interest of yours. Why does it matter? It influences the further search strategy, so we need to find out your key geography preferences at the very beginning: for instance, whether you are ready to accept candidates from any region or you have the number of countries you would like us to focus on, and whether your open positions offer remote work options or candidates are required to relocate.

To make our recruiting more efficient, our tech recruiters use various recruiting online tools at once: our database, recruiting platforms, LinkedIn, and other channels relevant to the specific region.

Initial interviews and any others are held online via video calls which gives our experts a chance to evaluate not only whether the candidate’s skill set, experience, and professional background fit the particular job opening but also focus on non-verbal communication as well.

All communication both with candidates and clients is mainly online. As usual, at the very beginning, the IT recruiters of our tech & IT recruitment agency agree with the candidate on a preferable way of keeping in touch (i.g. LinkedIn or some messengers), from receiving feedback to agreeing on further interviews.

With clients, generally, our IT recruiting agency holds communication in Slack or any other service comfortable for both parties. Generally, meetings take place via Zoom or Google Meets while various contracts and all necessary documents are filled also online.

So, if you still have concerns about the geography of the search for tech talents, you do not need to worry: our global tech recruitment solutions will provide you with highly-skilled tech talents in any country you wish. Just let us know about your request by filling in the form below, and we will contact you soon to discuss your case and agree on further steps!

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