Tech recruitment: top 6 tips on how to draw a candidate’s attention to your job opening

If you want to fill your job openings efficiently and find IT talents promptly, you need to know how to raise candidates' interest in your vacancies and influence their willingness to continue a dialogue with you. That is why today we are sharing with you some useful lifehacks.

    1. Offer relevant conditions
Conditions and requirements you set must be relevant to IT hiring market realities, otherwise, a high risk of scaring potential candidates occurs. Let’s check on the example with a remote job: it’s one of the most stable trends in the tech market which attracts the majority of tech talents. Imagine that your job opening requires a job at the office and you do not have an opportunity to suggest remote work.

Try to find a compromise: maybe you can offer hybrid employment at least or get a candidate interested in your vacancy by suggesting other attractive conditions like a high salary or good bonuses.
  • 2. Develop an efficient motivation strategy
Use an individual approach for each candidate to get better results: everyone has different goals, values, and decisive factors. Try to find out which key points play a vital role for a particular candidate to know what you should make an emphasis on — it can be challenging and ambitious tasks, career development, or a chance to gain valuable experience.
  • 3. Improve your recruitment processes
Analyze the recruiting stages you currently have and try to find the bottlenecks. At which stage do you lose promising candidates? For instance, a long wait for feedback or a large test assignment which is usually not appreciated much among candidates in the tech market can cause problems and narrow the circle of potential job seekers.

So make sure your recruitment decisions are up-to-date and give you a chance to stay competitive in the IT hiring market. Always think of possible ways of making your recruiting stages better: do you need to check a candidate’s tech skills? Good, use live coding during the interview instead of giving a test assignment that requires a job seeker to spend their time to complete it.
  • 4. Think outside of the box
Look for non-standard ways out and don’t stick to only too obvious solutions. For example, consider whether filling your job opening with a part-time professional could be an option. Tech talents used to avoid such vacancies but recently the situation has changed and they react with a bigger enthusiasm. So it can be a great chance to fill your vacancy with a senior talent whom it would have been much more difficult to find for a full time.
  • 5. Communicate productively
Respect the candidate, listen to them, communicate transparently, and don’t forget about partnership. All these points increase the chances of continuing the dialogue.
  • 6. Contact a technical recruitment agency
In case you need some help with your tech recruitment, you can always contact an IT recruitment agency. The technical recruitment agency will fill your job openings promptly and also help you to find the bottlenecks in your processes. Also, it is a good option if you have some hot job openings which you need to fill urgently or navigate through the situation in the hiring market by requesting IT market research.

Finding the best tech talents is a possible mission and we are here to help you. So just fill out the form below and let us know in case you need help with IT recruitment!

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