The curse of the black network: fight against cyber crimes in the UAE

In today's digital age, the threat posed by cybercriminals is ever-present. Today Lucky Hunter continues exploring the world of cyber security; we believe that understanding the profile of these perpetrators, the consequences of their actions, and the major cyber-attacks they orchestrate is crucial in developing effective cybersecurity strategies.

In this article, we explore the far-reaching consequences of cyber criminal activities, significant cyber attacks in the UAE, and the proactive measures taken by the UAE government to combat cyber threats.

Cyber pirates

While there is sometimes a romanticised portrayal of pirates in the media, it is essential to understand that real-world piracy is far from glamorous. Similarly, cybercriminals, who engage in illegal activities in the digital realm, may also be glamorised in certain contexts – when in reality, cybercriminals pose significant threats to individuals, organisations and even nations.

Who are cyber criminals?

Cybercriminals, also known as hackers or cyber attackers, are individuals or organised groups who exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or software for illicit purposes. Their motivations can vary, ranging from financial gain to political activism or personal satisfaction. The activities of cyber criminals can have severe consequences:
  • Financial losses
    Individuals and companies can suffer significant monetary damages due to stolen funds, fraudulent transactions, or the cost of mitigating attacks.
  • Data breaches and privacy violations
    Exposure to personal information can lead to identity theft, reputational damage, and legal repercussions.
  • Disruption of services
    Cyberattacks can disrupt critical services, impacting individuals, businesses, and even vital infrastructure sectors such as healthcare or transportation.
  • National security risks
    Cybercriminals may target government agencies, military systems, or critical infrastructure, posing threats to national security.
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The UAE government has implemented robust measures to safeguard the country against cyber attacks, and these efforts have proven effective. According to the cyber security chief of the UAE government, there has been a notable reduction of more than 70 per cent in ransomware attacks in the UAE during the initial months of 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year.

Top-5 biggest cyber attacks in the UAE

Understanding and learning from past cyber attacks are crucial to enhance future prevention strategies. Let's delve into the top-5 biggest cyber attacks in the UAE.

UAE Invest Bank

UAE Invest Bank experienced a ransomware attack where hackers stole customer information, including credit card numbers, transaction data, and authorisation codes. The hackers demanded a $3 million ransom, which the bank refused to pay. As a result, the hacker published the stolen data on Twitter, causing a data leak.

Dubai Cheers Exhibition

Dubai Cheers Exhibition fell victim to a phishing cyber attack that resulted in a loss of $53,000. Hackers compromised the company's email server and sent phishing emails to clients. The breach was discovered after a client reported suspicious emails. Additionally, the hackers gained control of the company's website.

Dubai-based ride-hailing company

Careem, a Dubai-based ride-hailing company, experienced a data breach where hackers gained unauthorised access to customer and driver data, including email addresses, phone numbers, and trip histories. Approximately 14 million users were affected by the breach, although passwords and credit card information remained encrypted and secure.

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Moorfields Eye Hospital in Dubai faced a ransomware attack by the AvosLocker group. The attackers downloaded 60GB of sensitive data, including ID card copies, insurance claim forms, accounting documents, and internal memos. The hospital continued its services but initiated an investigation and contacted affected users.

$35 Million Bank Heist

Fraudsters utilised voice cloning technology to impersonate a UAE company director, leading to a $35 million bank heist. By mimicking the director's voice and providing corresponding email evidence, the fraudsters convinced a bank manager to transfer the funds to various accounts worldwide.

Response and actions

In response to these cyberattacks, UAE authorities demonstrated swift action.

Establishing cybercrime investigation units

Specialised cybercrime investigation units have been formed within the law enforcement agencies of the UAE. These units comprise skilled cyber experts with advanced tools and techniques to investigate cyber incidents. These dedicated teams play a crucial role in identifying, tracking, and apprehending cyber criminals involved in various cyber-attacks.

Forging international Collaboration

Recognising that cybercrime knows no boundaries the UAE actively engages in international cooperation to catch cybercriminals. Through partnerships with foreign law enforcement agencies, Interpol, and other international institutions, the UAE shares intelligence, collaborates on investigations and facilitates the extradition of cyber criminals. Such cooperation strengthens the global fight against cybercrime and ensures that cybercriminals have nowhere to hide.

Advancing digital forensics

To effectively catch cyber criminals, the UAE has invested in building robust digital forensics capabilities. Specialised facilities and expert cyber investigators are equipped with cutting-edge technology to analyse digital evidence, trace perpetrators, and gather crucial information for successful prosecutions. These skilled professionals play a vital role in piecing together cybercrime puzzles, ultimately leading to the identification and capture of cybercriminals.

Encouraging public reporting

The UAE government emphasises the importance of public involvement in the fight against cybercrime. Reporting mechanisms and helplines are readily available to report cyber incidents promptly. By encouraging the public to report cybercrimes, law enforcement agencies gain valuable information that aids in tracking down cyber criminals and dismantling their operations.

Enforcing strong legislative measures

The UAE has implemented a comprehensive legal framework to support the prosecution of cybercriminals. Specific laws and regulations related to cybercrime, data protection, and digital evidence empower law enforcement agencies to investigate and bring cyber criminals to justice. These legislative measures provide the necessary legal backing to hold cybercriminals accountable for their actions.

Building expertise through training

Recognising the need for continuous skill development, the UAE invests in training programs and capacity-building initiatives for its law enforcement officers involved in cybercrime investigations. Collaborations with academic institutions and cybersecurity experts help enhance expertise in tackling emerging cyber threats and employing advanced investigative techniques. By equipping its officers with the necessary skills, the UAE strengthens its capabilities to catch cyber criminals swiftly and effectively.

Implementing rewards and incentives

To incentivise public involvement, the UAE government has implemented reward programs for individuals who provide information leading to the identification and apprehension of cyber criminals. These rewards are a powerful motivator for the public to come forward with valuable information, enabling law enforcement agencies to close in on cyber criminals and disrupt their illicit activities.

It is crucial to remain aware that cybercriminals operate without moral boundaries and can target companies of any size or profitability. Maintaining caution online and taking necessary precautions are essential to prevent falling victim to their attacks.

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