IT & Tech Recruitment: the average cost of technical recruitment

One of the most common questions almost everyone has while facing the world of IT recruiting sounds as “How much does tech recruitment cost?”. There are various factors the price depends on, and today we will cover several key points. So which moments is the cost of tech staff recruitment based on?


As usual, the key specialization of the majority of tech recruitment agencies is IT recruiting. IT recruiters of such agencies show a deep knowledge of the tech hiring market, key market trends, main features of every IT industry, and peculiarities of candidates in the tech field. This gives them a chance to fill the job openings efficiently and find even the rarest IT talents, performing the best results which sometimes exceed your expectations.

One of the most popular mistakes is to think that all the job of tech recruiters consists of just sending relevant resumes to their clients. The tech recruitment agency performs the entire recruiting cycle: they conduct initial CV screening to find candidates who meet your objectives and requirements best and hold initial interviews to provide you only with relevant resumes of highly-motivated job seekers who are close to you in spirit and fit your business in general.
To help candidates gain interest in your job openings, IT recruiters create a competent motivation strategy that helps to build productive communication. A competent CV matters not everything, so tech recruiters focus on a candidate's soft skills as well, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and find out if their skillset matches your vacancy.
Moreover, the work of an IT recruitment agency does not finish with sending relevant candidates to an in-house recruitment department: tech recruiters from the agency guide job seekers from the very beginning to the end of the funnel. They also help you conduct final interviews with finalists, form a competitive job offer, and provide candidates with feedback.

In case you need some help with the optimization of your recruitment processes, the tech recruitment agency will also be able to identify existing bottlenecks in your hiring stages. What bottles can we name? For instance, a test assignment, the absence of prompt feedback, or too many selection stages.

Sometimes the clients need to hire a unicorn: a tech talent of a very rare profile almost nobody has seen but everyone talks about. This can be a candidate with outstanding experience or a unique technology stack.

One of the key advantages of an IT & tech recruiting agency is that they usually have a database of IT talents, including professionals of rare occupations. Moreover, they have vast experience in working with complex requests.


While freelance recruiters use very few recruiting tools, the agency, as a rule, has a wide range of recruiting platforms and tools: their database, various job boards, and specialized recruiting resources — for example, AmazingHiring, created specifically for the selection of IT personnel.


One of the most vital factors which influence the final price is the speed of filling job openings. Using various recruiting channels and tools as well as a high level of expertise, give IT recruitment agency the chance to fill the vacancies in the shortest possible time: for example, our tech recruitment agency Lucky Hunter fills the job opening in up to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the position.

When should I make a payment for the tech talent recruitment?

Generally, the work of a tech recruitment agency requires no prepayment: the services are considered to be done when the candidate starts working.

The majority of IT recruiting agencies offer a candidate replacement guarantee which is a period during which the agency replaces the employee on a free basis in case they leave the company for some reason. The exact number of days is usually fixed in the contract you sign at the start of your cooperation and may slightly differ: i.g., we guarantee the candidate replacement within 60 working days after they start work.

What does the payment consist of? It is based on a percentage of the annual salary of the specialist. The percentage, again, may differ in various recruitment agencies — for example, at Lucky Hunter IT recruitment agency it varies from 19% to 23% and depends on the factors above: the specifics of the position, the time in which it is necessary to fill the job opening, the profile of the candidate. So, finding tech talent for a top-level position will cost more.

One of the key objectives for almost every IT & tech recruitment agency is long-term cooperation and service that exceeds all your expectations. At Lucky Hunter, we often focus on the fact that we also value the principle of partnership: technical recruitment is based on interaction with people (both with the client and with candidates), so it is vital that each participant looks in the same direction, openly and honestly discusses controversial issues and looks for solutions together with others because it is the only possible way to achieve the impressive results.

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