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IT recruitment: How We Found a Rare ASO Specialist for a Startup

ASO specialists optimise mobile apps for search engines. It is a relatively new and uncommon profession in the IT market, and coming across an ASO specialist with any experience is quite fortunate, especially when considering Russian-speaking candidates.

Today, we're sharing a success story of how we found an ASO specialist ready to take on team leader functions for an international IT startup.

Task and difficulties

During the summer of 2021, a Finnish startup contacted us, seeking a Senior ASO specialist. The ideal candidate had to possess extensive expertise in Mobile App Store search engine optimisation and a team management background.

The assignment was anything but simple. As previously mentioned, an ASO specialist is a relatively uncommon professional in the IT market. However, that's not the only challenge we had to overcome:
  • 1
    The salary offered by our client fell below the market average.
  • 2
    The candidate was required to complete a test assignment.
  • 3
    We faced the challenge of a substantial-stop list, prohibiting us from attracting specialists from specific companies.
As a well-established business in the market, our client had numerous companies using the service, along with close associates. To maintain smooth relations with partner companies, our client furnished us with a comprehensive stop list of companies, aiming to avoid any complications in the process.
The imposed limitation added another complexity to the already challenging search for an ASO specialist. Nevertheless, we liked this ambitious task and began our research.

Extra challenges

To fill the vacancy, our IT recruitment agency used all available recruiting channels, with LinkedIn appearing as the most effective platform in this particular case.

In contrast to other channels lacking specific keywords for locating mobile optimisation specialists, LinkedIn provided an opportunity to discover relevant candidates by showcasing suitable CVs.

Yet, as soon as we initiated the search, we encountered another challenge. This profession is so new in the IT market that most Senior ASO specialists lack experience in team management.
Operating on the principle of partnership, which involves an open dialogue with the client, we addressed the issue through a thorough discussion with our customer.
Given that team management was only 30% of the future employee's responsibilities, our client was open to considering candidates without prior experience as long as they were ready to develop team management skills. Simultaneously, the candidate's high expertise, Senior-level status, and extensive background remained pivotal requirements.


With a slight adjustment to the candidate's profile, we carried on our search. In just a few weeks, we identified a suitable specialist who seamlessly aligned with the client's company. The candidate accepted the offer and is currently contributing to the success of the customer's company.

In total, we reviewed 144 CVs of specialists, sent over a hundred emails, and conducted interviews with six candidates. Ultimately, our client extended an offer to one of them.
It's noteworthy that the company collaborated with other recruiters – but the candidate found by the Lucky Hunter team turned out to be the most suitable for the role. It is yet more proof that the Lucky Hunter team provides only the most relevant specialists :)

Success factors

  • Competent motivation
    We adjusted the candidate's profile and created a slightly different motivation strategy, emphasising the candidate's expertise rather than experience in team management.

    Changing our emphasis from team leader responsibilities to the fundamental tasks of the ASO specialist proved to be an effective strategy.

    So, the candidate discovered by our Lucky Hunter team had no prior experience in team management but was keen on embracing the new "managerial" experience and the direct duties of an ASO specialist.
  • Сlient's flexibility
    Recognising the intricacies of the position, the client was flexible about the search process. They allowed us to explore specialists from all around the world.

    Moreover, taking into account our recommendations, our client was open to considering candidates with no experience in team management. This way, we efficiently filled the vacancy and secured a motivated and deserving candidate for our client.

    The principle of partnership, which we uphold at Lucky Hunter with all our clients, is a key factor in our success. This approach played a pivotal role in the successful fulfilment of the vacancy.
The candidate our team discovered is a proficient English speaker from Armenia.
  • Lucky Hunter professionalism
    Thanks to our deep understanding of the IT market's intricacies and our ability to develop optimal strategies for each unique case, we successfully filled the vacancy.

Real Benefits of Hiring

Securing the right employees is crucial for a company to achieve its business goals, develop innovative products, and stay competitive in the market. Our recruitment team played a pivotal role in helping this specific company secure a highly rare ASO Specialist, leading to benefits:
  • Enhanced visibility
    With the ASO specialist's expertise in optimising mobile apps for search engines, the company experienced boosted visibility and secured higher positions in search results.
  • Effective team management
    The hired specialist demonstrated exceptional skills in team management. This proficiency fostered efficient coordination and collaboration among team members, resulting in increased productivity and overall efficiency.
  • Increased revenue
    Through the ASO specialist's efforts to enhance app visibility, the company witnessed substantial growth in downloads, resulting in a remarkable 35% increase in revenue within just one year.
  • Competitive advantage
    The ASO specialist enhanced the app's visibility by optimising its listing and identifying potential areas for growth.

If you struggle to fill an IT vacancy, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We will find a perfect candidate just for your business needs. Fill out the form, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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